Black Ops Cold War Nuke

Arguably, the nuke is one of the most sought after killstreaks across the Call of Duty franchise. Although the nuke works slightly differently from title to title, the killstreak has the same general purpose in all of the games. Once you earn the nuke, you can call it in and it will wipe the lobby. In Modern Warfare 2019, calling in a tactical nuke would also end the game. Now, the nuke killstreak is set to come to Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War.

You may notice that this is not the first time the nuke has featured in Black Ops Cold War. Back in Season Three, the killstreak could be earned exclusively in the Cranked Hardpoint game mode. Afterwards, it was removed when Season Four began. After calls from players for the nuke to return, it appears the developers have listened to fans and decided to make it a permanent addition.


How to earn a nuke in Black Ops Cold War

To get your hands on a nuke, you will have to go on quite a lengthy streak. You will have to earn 30 kills in a row without dying. Once you have done this, the nuke will pop up on your screen. Calling it in will wipe all players, including players on your own team. Additionally, the nuke will not end the match, so you can carry on your dominance.

It is important to note that although you can earn a nuke in most modes, there are some cases where the nuke is disabled. You are unable to earn a nuke in League Play, Gunfight, Multi-Team and Party Games. You will get your chance at earning one to show off your skills when the nuke is added as a part of the Black Ops Cold War mid-season update on July 15.

Black Ops Cold War Nuke

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