Black Ops Cold War Season Six weapon tuning patch detailed

Black Ops Cold War Weapon Tuning Patch

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War and Warzone Season Five is coming to a close and we are transitioning into Black Ops Cold War‘s final season. Along with some new maps, modes, and operators, Treyarch has announced a weapon tuning patch for Black Ops Cold War Season Six. Hopefully, this will make things more balanced as some of the most powerful weapons will be hit with a nerf.

There are many weapon categories involved in the update. Starting with assault rifles, the EM2 maximum damage range will be reduced from 48 to 42. Also, the first bullet you fire will have increased vertical recoil control and the penalty will increase even further with the 25.8” Task Force Barrel. This barrel’s horizontal recoil control will be increased from 15% to 25%. However, the fire rate penalty will be removed. Next, the C58 will experience an extra 12% horizontal recoil reduction and 8% vertical recoil when using the STANAG 60 Round Drum attachment.


Black Ops Cold War weapon tuning patch nerfs close range weapons

Moving on to submachine guns, the TEC-9 will be hit with slight reductions to its speed. These come in the form of aim down sight speed, sprint to fire time, and weapon swap speed. Notably, the largest adjustment is the effective damage range penalty on the Burst Fire Muzzle attachment being increased from 15% to 33%. In addition, the LC10 has been handed a lower headshot multiplier, moving from 1.4x to 1.33x. The KSP 45 follows suit, while its damage has been boosted to 8% when using the 10.5” Task Force Barrel.

If you have played multiplayer at all in Season Five, you will know just how strong the Marshal pistols are. With their one shot kill potential, it is almost impossible to counter a player using them. Thankfully, the weapon tuning patch significantly reduces their damage range from 5.08m to 3.81m. In addition, the Dragon’s Breath attachment will no longer be as effective. The attachment’s range and damage will be noticeably lowered. In terms of other shotguns, the Ranger Barrel attachment’s effective damage range bonus has been increased. It is only a small increase from 30% to 33%, for all weapons in this category.

The Black Ops Cold War Season Six patch hits October 7.

Black Ops Cold War Weapon Tuning Patch Season Six

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