July 8th, 2017

Blackguards heading to Steam Early Access

Blackguards - 04
The joy of hex.

Daedalic Entertainment have announced that Blackguards, their forthcoming turn-based RPG, will be invading the world via Steam Early Access.

It’s a fairly novel model. Daedalic apparently want the community to be able to influence development, so for Early Access they’re opting to go for a sort of episodic schedule, releasing each of the game’s five chapters in three week intervals. The first will be available on 7 November (next Thursday, calendar fans), which means that the fifth will probably be available sometime around… 30 January 2014, I guess? I’m not sure. Counting’s hard.

They’re also opting for various purchase tiers. The Blackguards Standard Early Access Edition will cost £18.99 and includes each chapter as available, and the full version on launch. The Deluxe Edition will cost £26.99 and gives you everything from the Standard Edition as well as a 150-page digital art book, developer interview videos, and six wallpapers. Finally, the Contributor Edition costs £29.99 and includes everything from the other two versions as well as the first Blackguards DLC, a copy of The Dark Eye-based point-and-click adventure Chains of Satinav, and you’ll get your name in the credits. For £3 more, that’s not half bad.

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