Blackguards - 10

Expect many a hexcellent scene such as this one.

Ahead of the full Blackguards release on 24 January, Daedalic want to give you a taste of the hex-n-turn based RPG. Actually, more of a banquet than a taste because they’re going to release the entire first chapter of Blackguards (six to eight hours of it) for people to sample.

The Steam-based version of the demo will release tomorrow, but it’s possible to grab from places like here and here, today. It might help to speak German, though. I’m also not too sure whether saved games from external versions would carry over into the full Steam release (as Daedalic says they should if you play the Steam demo.)

Blackguards will be Daedalic’s first foray into the world of turn-based RPGs. It’s based on The Dark Eye universe, like so many games are, but the twist here is you control a bunch of bandits and brigands. Not your usual clean-shaven heroic hero chaps. A story full of “doubt, betrayal and loss” is being touted, which sounds alright by me.

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