Blackhole from FiolaSoft Studio has received some updates after receiving feedback at Gamescom back in August. If you don’t know what the game is, Blackhole is a puzzle-platforming title that released back at the end of February. Steam reviews are 97% positive, but a common theme begins to crop up very quickly. That theme? Crushing difficulty. For some people, a difficult game is just what they’re looking for. For many others, difficulty may be a major turnoff from the experience as a whole.

The developers of Blackhole understand that though, and to cope with that fact, they’ve added in an easy mode to make the game more inviting. This increases the frequency of saves, and makes death less punishing. It disables many achievements and otherwise, but ultimately the mode is made for those that simply want to play the game and experience the story without countless retries.

Blackhole also features some long conversations between NPCs that some people might become annoyed by. It was apparently a large enough complaint to warrant a less dialogues option. This can be turned on or off at will and lessens the non-story imperative dialogue significantly.

If you want to try the game because you just aren’t sure, no worries. You can download a demo for Blackhole on Steam. It has five levels included so that you can try out playing with gravity, solving puzzles, and wall-jumping to see for yourself if the game fits your interests.

Blackhole is already available for purchase for $14.99.

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