Blasphemous 2 dlc announced december 2023

The popular Souls-like Blasphemous game is getting a free update next week. Prepare to conquer new challenges in Stir of Dawn and awaken an ancestral power long forgotten by The Miracle. Players will retain their role as The Penitent One in this new chapter of Blasphemous Stir of Dawn DLC, beginning on August 4, 2020. 

The ultimate kitchen sink update for Blasphemous

In addition to new dungeons to delve in and bosses to slay, the Stir of Dawn DLC will make several key improvements to Blasphemous. The long-awaited Game+ mode is finally coming, which will add more replayability to the game. Speaking of which, new executions & counterattack mechanics should add a new dimension to combat. Meanwhile, balancing changes will change Rosary Beads and Sword Hearts, while Prayers will get a buff. The incoming enemy tweaks should also help to make that next play through all the more interesting. 

There’s another new, but optional feature called the Three Penitence, too. From what we understand, it works like a modifier system for creating more challenging playthroughs, or for tweaking the character. One such example is the Penitence of the Unwavering Faith, which buffs the player’s mana pool, while decreasing their melee damage.

blasphemous the game kitchen stir of dawn

The developer also detailed a host of quality of life updates coming to Blasphemous. Expect a revamped map system with more fast travel locations, new items, improved animations, and level art reworks. There’s also updated voice acting, including a full Spanish option. All of these “extras” make the update sound a lot more like a 2.0 version of the game, if anything. 

The Game Kitchen plans to release a new blog each week leading up to the August 4 release of The Stir of Dawn DLC. Each blog will provide a greater look at the new content, as well as exclusive developer commentary. Fans can find the blog posts over on the Blasphemous Steam News Page, where the game is also available to buy

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