Speaking in regards to Gears of War: Judgment at E3 today, Epic Games’ Cliff Bleszinski has spoken of his belief that games that can be played multi games are “better”.

In reference to Gears of War: Judgment, Bleszinski said:

“We have this great dynamic spawn system that ensures that no two ways you play the game are the same, and you never know what batches of enemies you’re going to get. I believe that if you make a game that’s replayable, it’s a better game. As a gamer the experience is valuable to you and you’re trying to craft the experience for yourself.”

The outspoken designer want on to say that too many games provide the exact same experience to every player, which is something that he admits Epic Games has played a part in:

“The industry has become hallway-cutscene-hallway-cutscene and I have the exact same experience that you had. We were partially to blame for that, but now it’s time to swing it back around and present you with problems that you solve your way.”

Watch out for our own Gears of War: Judgment preview very soon.

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