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Bleszinski: The middle-class game is dead

Cliff Bleszinski, the out-spoken creator of Epic Games’ Gears of War franchise, has stated his belief that only ‘Triple-A’ and indie games have a chance at success in the videogame market today.
“I’m going to go on the record and say that I believe the middle class game is dead,” Bleszinski said when speaking to fellow developers at GDC. “It needs to either be either an event movie – day one, company field trip, [Battle: Los Angles], we’re there. Avatar – we’re there. The Other Guys starring Will Ferrell and Marky Mark? Nah, I’ll f****** rent that, I don’t really care, right?”
“Or it has to be an indie firm. Black Swan – I’ll go and see that. I’ll go to The Rialto or I’ll go to the triple-A Imax movie. The middle one is just gone, and I think the same thing has happened to games.”
Just for the record… The Other Guys topped both the US and UK box office charts upon release last year.