Co Op Dungeon Crawler Blightbound Invites You For An Open Beta This Weekend (1)

Dungeon crawling has always been a fun activity for aspiring heroes, but doing it together with friends makes everything better. Co-op dungeon crawler Blightbound will let you do just that, and launches in Early Access next week. However, you also have the chance to try it sooner than then. Publisher Devolver Digital just shared that Blightbound’s open beta will run on Steam, from July 24 through the 26.

Try Blightbound’s open beta this weekend before the full release

If you are not aware, Blightbound is an atypical combination of genres. Developer Ronimo Games gives players three classes to choose from, and the roles are clearly defined. The assassins can interrupt foes, and warriors are there to take the heat, while the mages are responsible for healing and ranged combat. This way, everyone on a team knows exactly what their roles are, and it should reduce any squabbling. Ronimo Games came up with the system to ensure teams work better together and survive longer.

Co Op Dungeon Crawler Blightbound Open Beta

Each class will also have ultimate abilities to tap into that will surely turn the tide in times of need.

Within the three classes, however, are over 20 unique heroes that each come with their own skill set, passives, and even fully narrated stories. Form the best team and take on the mysterious and corrupting Blight. Along the way, you will find dungeons filled with fearsome monsters, grab valuable loot, and come face to face with colossal bosses. There are even puzzles to be solved in Blightbound.

Co Op Dungeon Crawler Blightbound Open Beta

Blightbound also promises to be “an ever expanding game with new dungeons to explore, new heroes to recover and use, and new loot to retrieve with planned free updates for the community.” This open beta will likely help the team over at Ronimo Games for future planning.

If that interests you, you can jump into Blightbound in Early Access at a discount on July 29.

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