Demo of WWII RTS Blitzkrieg 3 released

Demo of WWII RTS Blitzkrieg 3 released

A demo for Nival’s WWII RTS Blitzkrieg 3 is now available on Steam. The game was released back in June and this demo gives players the chance to try out some of the game’s features.

The demo is quite extensive offering 21 missions of the 68 that are available in the full game. PvP modes are also available to test the multiplayer and all the game modes are available too.

The game’s AI which they call Boris is also available to play against the only drawback is there are no┬árewards dished out. Finally, the custom game mode is also playable with other players.

The demo is available right now on Steam and RTS fans might want to give it a try, it’s quite feature packed.

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