Blizzard’s Mobile Authenticator system is getting an update today, making it (optionally) easier to sign in to your account. According to Blizzard, the new method will allow you to log in (securely) by just pressing a big “approve” button on your phone instead of having to input a security code.

If you don’t fancy that and still want to log in the old fashioned way, that will remain as an option. When a log-in attempt on your account is made, the app will notify you and ask for your approval. “We hope this will help ease the log in process for those of you that already have an authenticator and encourage those of you who don’t to give it a try,” Blizzard say.

By default, the authenticator is set to only ask for your approval for one log-in attempt per week (for each unique device), but this setting can be changed through the account management settings.


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