Overwatch Adds Ukrainian Flag

Across the globe, countries are watching the war in Ukraine as it happens. Various companies in the video game industry are standing in solidarity with Ukraine, halting sales of their games. Many others are also helping in various ways, including purchasing the Itch.io charity bundle. Now, Overwatch players can show their support for the country by representing the Ukrainian flag on your profiles.

Professional Overwatch player Crimzo noticed the new addition and shared it on Twitter. The Boston Uprising player questioned when the flag was introduced into the game. As the flag has not been noticed before, the only explanation is that Blizzard may have silently added it. Fans were quick to comment their support for this move. You should expect to see a lot of Ukrainian flags in your future matches. Players have also called for more flags to be added to the multiplayer hero shooter.


If you want to equip the Ukrainian flag, you can do so by finding it in the player icons tab. Overwatch only has a select number of flags to use for your profile, but the Ukrainian flag is an important new addition.

In good company

Blizzard is not the only studio to take action following the conflict in Ukraine. CD Projekt, creator of Cyberpunk 2077, has announced sales will be completely cut off in Russia and Belarus. This will come in to effect for both digital and physical copies of their games. Horror game developer Bloober Team was quick to follow suit, putting an end to Steam sales in both countries. These are just a couple of examples among many companies that have spoken out against the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

By adding the Ukrainian flag to Overwatch, Blizzard is sending out a clear message of support that its player base is likely to get behind.

Lauren Sayles
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