Blizzard apologizes for Overwatch 2 server woes with Double XP Weekends and free Reaper skin

Overwatch 2 Free Reaper Skin Cursed Captain Reaper

Overwatch 2‘s launch was far from flawless. It’s buggier than expected, characters are being removed, and the servers have been difficult to play on. Blizzard wants to make up for this by both issuing an apology and offering its playerbase some additional benefits. In the near future, Overwatch 2 players will receive a free Reaper skin plus several Double XP Weekends.

Blizzard has promised its players that they will get to participate in “several Double Match XP Weekends.” Blizzard didn’t give exact dates for these weekends but assured it would reveal them soon. Since it specifies that this will only be Double Match XP, it’s assumed that challenges will still reward the usual experience.


In addition to the Double XP Weekends, Blizzard is also giving away a free skin. Any Overwatch 2 player can receive the legendary Cursed Captain Reaper skin for free. It has the edgy shotgun man flaunting his best pirate attire.

To receive the skin all you have to do is log in to Overwatch 2 from October 25 to the end of Season One. Season One doesn’t wrap up until early December, so you have plenty of time to log on. As an additional bonus, logging on during this period will also earn you the Health Pack Weapon Charm.

Work is happening

Double XP Weekends and a free skin are nice, but they don’t fix Overwatch 2. For that, Blizzard has to get hands-on and tackle the problems. Thankfully, the developer has confirmed that it is working to “deploy further stability updates,” and “monitor the game closely,” to identify issues and bugs. The particularly troublesome bugs will have priority, so they should be fixed in the near future. Specific developers will talk about this process on the Overwatch 2 forums, so be sure to keep an eye out.

Overwatch 2 Health Pack Weapon Charm Double Xp Weekends Apology Compensation

The Health Pack Weapon Charm is also being given away as part of the apology.

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