Blizzard Refreshes Its Long Serving Client With 2.0 Update (3)

While most of us are relatively comfortable with things staying the same, sometimes a change is exactly what is needed to re-energize a community. For Activision Blizzard, that comes in the form of a brand new look for the hub of all the company’s games., the service and now app, looks quite different now. At first glance, 2.0 is looking like a much better experience already.

While it doesn’t immediately feel like a big difference, there are subtle changes that make 2.0 a good change. The layout of the app itself has been tweaked. Games are now arranged right at the top, instead of being on the left. This allows players to have a quick look to see what they can potentially play. The redesign also opens up more space for any information pertaining to the games. Trailers and news will have more space to breathe.


For those of us plugged into the online space, the online community is vitally important to that. As such, 2.0 now has your friends list permanently displayed on the right. No longer do you have to jump through hoops just to see what your friends are up to, or if they are online. Clunky interfaces be damned.

Blizzard Refreshes Its Long Serving Client With 2.0 Update (1)

Winners all around

Blizzard has also stressed that the new interface is a much more accessible one. You can navigate using just your keyboard. It also boasts better support for screen readers, alongside improved color contrast.

The more efficient use of space, the better layout, and the increased accessibility are definitely things to appreciate. It is good to know that the company cares enough to improve. This is sure to please some users, despite the fact that most probably only use the app for less than a minute at a time.

Blizzard Refreshes Its Long Serving Client With 2.0 Update (2)

While 2.0 is currently only rolling out in North America, it will also be soon available to the rest of the world. Should you not get the update automatically, you can try switching to the beta version via your current app.

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