Blizzard DDoS attacks resume as Diablo 3 2.1 is about to hit

Diablo 3

The Diablo 3 2.1 patch is about to hit but it’s not good news as server issues have started again.

In the latest Tweet from Blizzard they acknowledge that they are now experiencing the same issues as they did over the weekend.

The Lizard Squad are keeping a close eye on Blizzard at the moment with their most recent post pointing to a description of a DDoS attack by a community member on the Blizzard forums.

With the Diablo 3 2.1 patch set to go live this evening it doesn’t bode well for players eager to start playing the new content when the patch goes live to the public in a few hours time.

Keep an eye on Diablo: IncGamers for updates as the evening progresses as they are busy keeping everyone up to date with all the Diablo 3 news.

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