Blizzard Hiring For Next-Gen Fantasy/Sci-Fi MMO

An advertisement for an artist’s job may be the latest clue as to what Blizzard’s upcoming  top-secret next-gen MMO will be.

As seen on LinkedIn, spotted by Blend, Blizzard is looking for a 3D Character Equipment Artist for its next-gen MMO, and the successful applicant should have “2+ years game development experience modeling and texturing sci-fi and fantasy character armor and weapons for next-gen art pipelines”.

Those of you who were maybe hoping for, say, a spaghetti western MMO from Blizzard may be a little disappointed at the news, but the rest of us aren’t that surprised. Blizzard’s three existing titles are either fantasy of sci-fi, so they seem to be sticking to what they know. Blizzard has confirmed the game is a brand new IP, so it won’t be a StarCraft MMO. What’s left, Orcs in space?

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