World of Warcraft players have even more of an incentive to invite their buddies back to Azeroth with news of an improved Scrolls of Resurrection rewards offer from Blizzard.
When you invite a freiend back to the game they will receieve

A single character immediately boosted all the way to level 80
A FREE upgrade to Cataclysm — regardless of your friend’s original box level
An optional FREE character move — to your realm and faction so you can play together
7 FREE days of game time — available immediately

The free upgrade to Cataclysm is a really nice addition but that’s not all. If your buddy subscribes for 30 days  you will recieve a Spectral Gryphon or Spectral Windrider depending on whether you are Alliance or Horde.

If you are wanting to take advantage of this offer, then check the Scrolls of Resurrection forum thread on WoW: IncGamers to find other players looking to return.

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