Blizzard has just released their latest World of Warcraft test patch on the public test realms and the biggest news is that they have now reduced the level requirments for mounts. Previously you could only acquire a mount at level 40, and as any player will tell you, between level 30 and 40 where levelling always felt slow, it seemed to take forever to get that tasty mount.With the Wrath of the Lich King due for release some time in the future, Blizzard are obviously now trying to make the original game more accessible so that it’s easier to reach the new content, and by giving players the ability to move around the game world quicker, it should make levelling a lot easier.Players can now also set an in-game alarm clock, and make use of astopwatch. For the first time, there will also be an option to displaythe local time ingame, as opposed to the server time.

Many class changes have also taken place, including a much-needed nerf to the Rogue ability Cheat Death.A ful list of the patch changes can be read over on WorldofWar.Net

Paul Younger
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