Blizzard is showing off more zones coming to Diablo Immortal

Diablo Immortal More Zones Bosses Blizzard

Blizzard has been ramping up marketing for Diablo Immortal, which was actually confirmed for a PC release in June. That, of course, nets it firmly under our radar as a PC gaming site. No more may we snicker from the darkness. Yesterday, Blizzard put out a new developer update on the game. It previewed a few of the new zones coming to Diablo Immortal while teasing a boss enemy.

Diablo Immortal had a closed beta not long ago on mobile, but it wasn’t the full game. The developer update introduces some never-before-seen content, which will be playable when the game lands next month. Naturally, all the new Diablo Immortal zones carry names that wouldn’t be unusual in the geekiest of Dungeons & Dragons campaigns. Care to know what’s lurking in the Forest of Misery? Well, roll for initiative, and then read on.


The Forest of Misery is where you will traipse once you reach the end of the Frozen Tundra story mission. From what I can gather in the accompanying concept art, is that some of the trees are not really trees. Instead, creatures “who’ve failed Skarn” have been turned into trees, and the image shown is far from pleasant.

Diablo Immortal More Zones Bosses Blizzard Forest


“In the darkness swarm Rasplets and Gnarled Pawns, demons who’ve failed Skarn and had their bodies fused with parts of the realm as punishment,” the area’s description reads.

After the forest, you’ll stumble upon The Last Vestige. An encampment for survivors, The Last Vestige may be a safe zone in Diablo Immortal, but that hardly means it’ll be completely without demonic attack.

Bring on the baddies

The update finally introduces us to one of the bosses of Diablo Immortal — or, really, perhaps the game’s big bad. Skarn is a demon known as the Herald of Terror. He has connections to Diablo as a former lieutenant, but is now gathering a new army. The update shows off Skarn in all his multi-limbed glory. He resides in a zone called the Demon Gates, which look exactly how you’d expect. Jet-black spires dot the land, separated by flowing rivers of magma. We also get a glimpse of a dungeon called the Pit of Anguish, which hide “blade-wielding demonic cultivators” and “screen-filling boss fights.” Sounds like a joy.

For those interested, Blizzard also includes some examples of in-game audio. You can hear what Skarn (voiced by Steve Blum) sounds like, if you wish, as well as Verathiel, voiced by Kimberly Brooks.

Diablo Immortal lands on PC and mobile in open beta as a cross-platform game on June 2.

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