Blizzard partners with Facebook for logins and streaming

Blizzard partners with Facebook for logins and streaming

Blizard and Facebook have joined forces and allow gamers to login to Blizzard games with Facebook.

All of the more recent games such as World of Warcraft, Heroes of the Storm, Hearthstone, Diablo 3, StarCraft 2, and Overwatch, will be included when the functionality goes live. It doesn’t end there, Blizzard will also be incorporating Facebook’s Live API and a “Go Live” feature will be added for live streaming directly to Facebook timelines.

“Blizzard games are best when played with friends, so it’s important to us to provide our players with features and services that make it easy and fun to share their experiences with each other,” said Blizzard’s Gio Hunt. “We’re working closely with Facebook on this integration for Overwatch, as well as our other games, and we look forward to sharing further details on our plans as development progresses.”

The deal appears to have come about following a stint of Overwatch marketing activities with Facebook prior to launch. The hype surrounding the launch was immense and it’s the marketing that helped make gamers believe this was a game they had to buy, even if it isn’t as fantastic as it looks. It was a job well done.

The information that passed into a timeline or shared with Facebook is unknown but some gamers won’t be too happy that Facebook are now involved.

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