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Diablo 3 players are busy getting stuck into Season 5 at the moment but Blizzard are already talking about the next patch update v2.4.1.

Blizzard point out that this patch will not go live during Season 5 but will go on the PTR. The planned changes which include nerfing the Wizard with Energy Twister.

Finally, we are changing both Twisted Sword and Solanium. What we’ve seen from group compositions is a playstyle based around Wizards spamming Energy Twister, while the group spams Health Globe generation. We’ve received a ton of feedback on these, and we agree completely that manipulation of the generation of health globes is not good for the game. Here’s what we’re changing.

  • Solanium is getting an internal cooldown (ICD) of 8 seconds
  • Twisted Sword is getting a cap at 5 Energy Twisters –

Legendary Gems are also going to see some changes with Taeguk being singled out.

We are making some significant changes to Taeguk, as well as some other Legendary Gems.

First up, for Taeguk:

  • Taeguk will now only work for channeled powers
  • Taeguk will now stack more quickly, but also drop off more quickly. The maximum is now ten stacks, and you’ll now lose the stack after 1.5 seconds instead of 3 seconds
  • The Armor % component of Taeguk has been changed to 2% per stack

The idea here is that Taeguk will complement those moments when you’re channeling and need an extra boost. You probably won’t have Taeguk up all the time, but it won’t hurt as much when your stacks fall off as you’ll build them up much more quickly. And while the Armor % reduction will affect survivability, the reduced monster damage at higher Greater Rifts will help to balance this out. We’ll have much more to share soon on changes to other gems, which will help to make as many gems as possible work as reasonable substitutes for Taeguk.

You can read the full update with more commentary over at Diabloii.Net


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