Blizzard Release Schedule ‘Leaked’

It appears a Chinese employee at Blizzard has leaked its release schedule, revealing new details about Diablo 3, Starcraft II, further WOW expansions and a previously unknown title named Titan.
The schedule reveals Starcraft 2X1 and Starcraft 2 Phoenix will be out end of 2011, with Starcraft 2X2 out early 2013.
Diablo is slated in for a late 2011 release, with Diablo 3X1 and Diablo 3X2 out mid-2013 and late 2014 respectively.
WOW X4 and WOW X5 are out mid-2012 and late 2013, while a WOW movie is listed as coming out late 2012.
Finally, unknown title Titan is down for a late 2013 release. According to online rumours, the title could be a new FPS.
Interestingly, Titan was the name of the cancelled Halo MMO and some of the staff working on this moved over to work at Blizzard.