Blizzard responds to The Salvation of Diablo 3

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Yesterday a massive post simply called “Diablo 3 Salvation” from Diablo: IncGamers community member Gosu surfaced, and it was one hefty post.

Although in danger of falling into the “too long didn’t read” category, if you stuck with it the post was an interesting and insightful critique of the game’s current problems. The post actually caught the attention of Blizzard developer Travis Day who took time out to address the concerns.

The update from Travis was not the usual fluff piece we see from the Blizzard community team but an interesting insight into the direction Blizzard are taking the game, covering everything from itemisation, character customisation, item sets, crafting, skills and more.

Based on the responses from Travis, it really does look like Blizzard are moving more toward what the community are looking for, although it sounds like it may take time to get many of the changes discussed implemented.

If you are playing Diablo 3 periodically or have turned off for a while, do read this post from Travis, it’s highly encouraging.

Thanks Diablo: IncGamers.

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