During Gamestop’s latest financial earnings call, Gamestop’s CEO J. Paul Raines announced they have signed a disgital distribution deal with Blizzard.
The first title to launch under the new partnership will be Diablo 3 on 15 May. Gamers will be able to purchase a reciept with a special code that can be redeemed online to download the product once they get home.
Gamestop will also be dedicating special display space to Blizzard digital products and they have stated that virtual goods will also be on sale along with the games. Gamestop has not specified what virtual items will be on sale or what products they relate to but more details will be announced in the future.
With Blizzard already offering digital copies via their own store, the displays will likely encrouage impulse buys, especially on virtual goods items. 
It’s not known yet what price the digital copies of games will sell for, Blizzard’s own store is not usually the cheapest place to pick up a copy of their titles, they can usually be found cheaper at online retailers such as Amazon but it all depends on if you can be bothered to wait for delivery or not.

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