PC game behemoth says retail partnerships are key to success.
Blizzard – the studio behind World of Warcraft, StarCraft 2 and the upcoming Diablo 3 – have rubbished the idea that they would be able to generate their current level of success without retail partners.
It’s no secret that Blizzard achieves the bulk of its revenues from players subscribing to its ever-popular World of Warcraft MMO. Further profit is generated by selling its titles through its own digital distribution channel. 
However, Blizzard’s international vice-president Michael Ryder rejects the idea that Blizzard can succeed entirely on its own:
“We rely on retail a great deal,” said Ryder. “We have a strong partnership with retail, and a strong relationship with the Activision Blizzard sales force in Europe and North America.
“The retail component of our business is important because we aren’t doing this by ourselves. You are probably also aware of the midnight launches last year with our products. And we are always open to new ways where both parties can benefit.”
Ryder also believes that having the Blizzard logo on a game’s box doesn’t mean it will be an instant success:
“We don’t take anything for granted. If we want people to appreciate the game, then we need to make a great game.”
Ryder’s words come just after we here at IncGamers published our own short editorial discussing the relationship betwene publishers and retailers. You can read it here.
For our latest thoughts on the Diablo 3 beta, which is currently live as you read this, click here.
Source: MCV

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