Blizzard has said that the launch of Star Wars: The Old Republic has been one of the main reasons behind the drop in subscriber numbers for its flagship MMO, World of Warcraft.
However, WoW producer John Lagrave believes that many of those players are simply playing BioWare’s Star Wars MMO as a stop-gap until the WoW: Mists of Pandaria expansion is launched. 
“Of course people are trying Star Wars – our development team are trying Star Wars,” said Lagrave. 
“I’m one of the few people who’s still playing it actually, but yeah we’ve seen a dip in subs. It certainly has to at least be attributable to The Old Republic, but it’s also attributable to people who want to wait and get Mists of Pandaria, so it’s not surprising.
“Are they going elsewhere? Yes they are. We don’t have a lock on all the best games in the world – Skyrim was an amazing game, [but it didn’t cause] a sub drop but people definitely [played] that as well as WoW”.
The new Mists of Pandaria trailers:

Source: EG

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