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Blizzard Teases Diablo 3 v1.0.5 update

In a few days time Blizzard will continue to fix up Diablo 3 with a new patch. Yesterday they urged fans not be alarmed at the planned skill nerfsbecuase even though it looks like skiolls have been changed significantly, there are other game mechanic factors at play as part of the changes.

This evening Blizzard posted a quick peek at some of the developer note updates they will be releasing prior to the v1.0.5 update which we expect to hit in the next couple of days.

Defensive Skill Changes
In our eternal quest to promote build diversity; we’ll be making changes to defensive skills across the board while simultaneously reducing incoming damage. The net result is a survivability buff for players, and an increase in build options as defensive abilities become less “mandatory.”

New Event: Infernal Machine
The Infernal Machine is a device that will allow level-60 players to battle “uber” versions of some of Sanctuary’s most nefarious bosses. While the rewards for defeating these bosses will be great, some assembly is required.

New System: Monster Power
Similar to the “Players 8” command in Diablo II, the Monster Power system is designed to give players more control over how challenging enemies are in each difficulty.

Blizzard look to be trying to address the difficulty and the drop rates which players have complained about since the game’s launch with legendary item drops a real hit and miss affair. One of the criticisms of the game is the lack of build diversity due to the way the skill system was designed and the defensive skill changes outlined above may help but we’ll need to see how it all actually works in-game. Diablo 3 players will know more on how all these changes will affect players over the next few days.

Source: Diablo: IncGamers