As we lead up to the Diablo 3 release, Blizzard has finally launched its Battle.Net balance system.
One of the major talking points of Diablo 3 is the real money auction house and Blizzard has designed the game to allow players to earn real money selling their items for cash which can be moved into a third-party system such as PayPal or moved into Blizzard’s own Battle.Net Balance where money earned can be redeemed for other Blizzard products.

Last night Blizzard snuck the system live as the new feature appeared on account pages in the top right of the screen. The balance can be topped up at any point, or if you’re going to farm Diablo 3 items for real cash, then you can top it up that way.
With an investor call due on Thursday, the release of the system now is timely and we may well see a Diablo 3 release date announcement this week, fingers crossed.
More details on the system can now also be found on Blizzard’s website.

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