BlizzCon 2014 – Here’s some new Diablo 3 features

Diablo 3

The IncGamers team are on the ground at BlizzCon 2014 and they’ve discovered some new Diablo 3 features.

Before the main event starts, the guys have been checking out a Diablo 3 demo which has highlighted a few new additions to the game. These will likely be talked about by the development team at the show in the Diablo 3 panels.

In the demo, which we took a look at this morning, a new tileset is being shown and it’s a snowy area with Barbarian ruins and new monster types. There are also apparently three new treasure goblin types which are red, purple and silver coloured. The guys have spotted that the purple dropped a 22 and 24 stack in Greater Rift 15.

A new Rift Guardian called the Rat King has also been added and he spawns “lots of little ratlings”.

Three new armour sets have also been spotted which were shown on the character selection screen in the demo.

We will be on the case with all the latest Diablo 3 news from the show so make sure you keep an eye on this site and Diablo: IncGamers. We’l be interviewing the development team and getting a lot more hands-on time with the games over the next couple of days.


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