Blood Bowl 3 Details

The Blood Bowl franchise is one of the most brutal sports games ever conceived. With its new races and Special Play Cards, Blood Bowl 3 is shaping up to be the fiercest competition yet. The latest iteration of the fantasy football title will also include more customization options for players than ever before. Cyanide Studio believes Blood Bowl 3 will be funnier, bloodier, and more spectacular than the first two iterations.

Cyanide also pledged to offer the Blood Bowl 3 community more support, competitions, and content after the game launches. Speaking of the launch, earlier this year, Blood Bowl 3 was delayed until 2021. However, the Steam page now says early 2021, which is rapidly approaching.

The new draft picks

Blood Bowl 3 will feature 12 teams or races at launch. The teams familiar to Blood Bowl players will, of course, be in-game. Those are the Human, Orc, Dark Elf, Elven Union, Skaven, Dwarf, Nurgle, and Chaos Chosen teams. However, Cyanide just revealed some details on the four new teams coming to Blood Bowl 3. They are the Black Orcs, Imperial Nobility, Old World Alliance, and Chaos Renegades.

Blood Bowl 3 New Teams

The Imperial Nobility will possess dedicated skills that limit the movement of their opponents. The Old World Alliance is made up of dwarves and humans. Presumably, this team will be able to utilize skills from both races. As for the conniving Chaos Renegades, this team is made up of players so dirty that no other team wanted them. You can just imagine what they’ll be getting up to.

Special plays

Blood Bowl 3 will be the most faithful adaption of the board game with the introduction of Special Play Cards. These can be used to add temporary skills to your units or even assassinate a member of the opposing team before the game. Standard football stuff.

While your players battle for a win (and to stay alive), they’ll be able to do it in a range of color pigments and styles. Players will be able to customize their units with different colors, patterns logos, and pieces of armor. You’ll also be able to customize your stadium and many other elements.

Blood Bowl 3 Unit Customization

If you’ve never dared to brave the (battle) fields of Blood Bowl, you’ll be pleased to hear that Blood Bowl 3 has a redesigned interface to make it more user-friendly and flexible. As mentioned, the brutal American football adaption’s Steam page is up, so you can add the game to your wishlist while you wait for kickoff.

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