Blood Hits Good Old Games

One Unit Whole Blood has hit Good Old Games.As promised, One Unit Whole Blood – a compilation of late 90s shooter Blood and its expansions, Plasma Pak and Cryptic Passage – has hit GoG for $5.99 USD.Blood is a Monolith-developed shooter that used the Build engine, akin to its more famous cousin Duke Nukem 3D. As the deeply unpleasant Caleb, a former cultist of the god Tchernobog who ended up betrayed and murdered by his master, you rise from the grave and go off on a roaring rampage of revenge.Except weapons like a pitchfork, flare guns, and voodoo dolls with which to take on the cultists, gargoyles, and (sigh) giant spiders which are out for your blood.For an audience that can deal with gore, bad taste, and giant spiders, it’s not a bad way to spend a few quid. Check it out.

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