– The heralded PvP arena game to release in fully localized Russian version – 
– Innova Systems enters agreement with Funcom –
Durham, USA– August 24th, 2011 – Funcom and Innova Systems are pleased to announce the signing of a publishing agreement for a Russian language version of  ‘Bloodline Champions’. According to the agreement, Innova Systems will fully localize and operate  ‘Bloodline Champions’ in Russia and all Russian speaking territories, while Funcom and Stunlock Studios will manage the back-end technology and the ongoing development of new content and gameplay to the game.
“Innova Systems has an impressive track record with online games, and they have done excellent publishing and localization work on other great titles. We believe we have found the perfect publishing partner for  ‘Bloodline Champions’, and we truly look forward to expanding the reach of the game into new markets“, said Lawrence Poe, Funcom’s Director of Publishing.
‘Bloodline Champions’  expands the breadth of the multiplayer arena genre, by combining unique, competitive gameplay with dynamic, action-driven combat. Having helped the e-sports gaming scene in Russia grow, we are happy to provide our players with even more ways to enjoy their favorite experience”, said Gevork Sarkisyan, CEO of Innova Systems. “The combination of Funcom’s industry-leading technology and the willingness to bring new experiences to gamers worldwide, as well as our own publishing expertise, will raise the bar for quality and sophistication in competitive online gaming”
‘Bloodline Champions’  launched to great critical acclaim, with both press and players hailing the frenetic and easy-to-learn combat system as a unique and refreshing take on the arena genre. The game pits players into competitive and fast-paced player vs. player battles, where skill and team work are two vital factors for success. More than 700,000 gamers have played the game since the launch in January 2011, and it has also been picked up by several professional e-sport teams.
For more information about the game please visit  www.funcom.com or www.bloodlinechampions.com  

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