Bloodstained Ritual Of The Night Latest Update Brings Boss Revenge Mode And Chroma Wheel (3)

For those still enjoying Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night, you have plenty to look forward to in 2020. While a sequel to the Curse of The Moon spinoff is under development, Inti Creates is still giving fans more to do in Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night. The latest update sees new additions to the Metroidvania, with Boss Revenge Mode and the Chroma Wheel headlining the update.

Champion of evil

The former will see players taking charge of one of the main bosses in the campaign. The likes of Andrealphus, Bathin, Bloodless, and Gremory are up for selection. Each boss character comes with their own set of abilities and unique playstyles. You’ll select your favorite, you will then go up against Bloodstained‘s heroes – Miriam, Dominique, and Zangetsu – in a series of fights.

Bloodstained Ritual Of The Night Latest Update Brings Boss Revenge Mode And Chroma Wheel (1)

Every battle will take place in a dedicated space. In between bouts, you will head into a transition room to prepare for the next challenge. Sure sounds like a Bloodstained fighting game.

Personal flair

Next up is the addition of the Chroma Wheel, which gives Bloodstained players more customization options. Todd the Killer Barber has sharpened his skills, and he’s now ready to utilize some new styles. The color selection in the game was originally restricted to a small selection, and the Chroma Wheel addresses that with an entire range of colors to choose from.

Players can apply these new options to their full hairdo or just part of it with the new sub hair color. You can also use this to customize the outfit color, sub outfit color, skin, and eyes. Lip colors will follow suit in a future update.

Bloodstained Ritual Of The Night Latest Update Brings Boss Revenge Mode And Chroma Wheel (2)

The new Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night update also makes some changes to unlocked content. Players jumping in fresh will now see a few modes unlocked from the start. These include Speedrun Mode, Randomizer Mode, Boss Revenge Mode, and playing as Zangetsu. Boss Rush Mode, as well as the Hard and Nightmare difficulties, remain locked behind game progression.

This update is already live in the game. Be warned, however, that it has already seen some issues. Specifically, Inti Creates is investigating issues with Bloodless’ pause screen and Arvantville causing a crash. If you see any problems in your own game, make sure to report them to the Bloodstained team.

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