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Months after revealing that it’s working on the illustrious Boeing 757 for Microsoft Flight Simulator, Bluebird Simulations has finally provided an update on its progress. The team has been hard at work getting the bird together, and is happy to say that it’s “coming along nicely.”

The Boeing 757 is occupies an interesting space in its class as a narrow-body jet, due to its powerful performance in addition to its lengthy aisle providing ample seating. It’s more roomy than a Boeing 737, while still being smaller than a 767 or 777.


It’s been out of real-world production for quite a few years. However, the craft is still being used extensively by many major carriers. Its powerful Rolls Royce engine have proven to be both reliable and a joy for pilots to operate. Now in virtual form, Bluebird Simulations is working to ensure that all of its intricate details are carried over into Microsoft Flight Simulator.

The pencil rocket returns

In a recent development update from July 22, the team shows off quite a number of interior shots of the plane’s virtual cockpit. Animation work for the cockpit is “90% complete,” and the team is continuing to work on that along with the jet’s various avionics and other systems. Modules such as the FMS and FMC, autopilot, and PFD are all “functioning” already. The team is still working on the textures.

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The same is true for the 757’s flight model. Bluebird has an interesting plan for this, in particular. The team is planning two models: one for more casual players, and another for veterans more to sink their teeth into. This is a rather unconventional approach. Usually, complex add-ons are released as one package with some togglable assists to help with altering its level of realism. PMDG’s products for Microsoft Flight Simulator are good examples of this.

Bluebird still has not committed to a definite release date. That said, the aircraft still isn’t even ready for closed testing — she’s a ways off. Going by the progress that’s been made so far, Bluebird may be close to having a significantly more completed package by the end of this year. If at least to only speculate, it does look like it’s coming along well enough to release at some point in 2023.

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