Bodycount’s art director and lead level designer speak up about the lack of creativity in the FPS genre.
Speaking to IncGamers, Bodycount’s art director, Max Cant, and lead level designer, Andy Parsons, have spoken out about the current state of the first-person shooter saying that there’s interest from “creative people” in trying to do the “same thing.”
“There are a couple of titles at the top of the genre now that are just doing the rock ‘em sock em’ robots thing to see who can outdo the other by doing pretty much exactly the same thing,” said Max Cant. “There’s no interest for creative people or creative studios to come to the table and attempt to do exactly the same thing.”
“There’s no point in trying to compete with some of the titles out there when you can go out and do something completely different,” added Andy Parsons.
However, Cant recognised that straying too far from the pack comes with its own unique set of problems.
“I think we’ve got an obligation to do something different,” said Cant. “It’s always a slightly scary prospect to try and deviate away from what is perceived as safe ground but, unless you’re trying new things and trying to innovate then you’re kind of just dead from the beginning.”
You can read our extensive interview with Max and Andy in full here. We also have our own hands-on impressions of Bodycount here.

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