A gathering of over 200 Gamergate supporters in Washington D.C. was evacuated by police due to a bomb threat made an Twitter. The gathering was the first official Gamergate event in the United States.

Polygon confirmed with Washington Police that the evacuation was due to a bomb threat. The person behind the threat remains anonymous. One tweet, since deleted, appears to be the bomb threat. But it’s not clear if the tweet pictured below was the inciting incident.

Bomb threat

Terrorist threats have broken up meetings on both sides of the Gamergate debate. Most famously, Anita Sarkeesian cancelled a seminar at Utah State University after an anonymous threat was made to shoot up the building.

Gamergate is a decentralized movement. It has no leadership, but its supporters often criticize feminist movements in video games and accuse video game journalism practices as being unethical. The movement began last year when an ex-boyfriend accused developer Zoe Quinn of trading sex for a favourable game review from Kotaku.

Top image from @atlasnodded.

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