Borderlands 2 is a “60 to 70 hour game”

Brian Martel, executive producer on Borderlands 2 and co-founder of Gearbox Software, has said that the upcoming ‘role-playing shooter’ will take most players 60 to 70 hours to complete.

In an interview with IncGamers, Martel said that Borderlands 2 is about double of what was offered in the original:

“The whole thing is about double what we did before; then there’s a whole bunch of side missions and replayability features that we’ve added.

“To give some perspective: most people said that they finished the story of the first game in roughly the 20 hour range, but now we’re finding that it takes something in the 50 hour mark to do everything. And that’s if you really rush. Most people will find this to be a 60 to 70 hour game, if they complete everything in a single playthrough.

“It’s a big game and probably the biggest and best that we’ve ever made.”

Check back this weekend for our full interview with Brian Martel, as well as a fresh hands-on preview in which take the new Assassin class out for a spin.

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  • typically someone who just needs to be this way simply because their own machine sells horribly, i am no fan of ether machines but i would defend the wii-u rather then going for a company that complains about others.

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  • Marfb62

    only 60-70 hours? im guessing thats per character, but tbh i think its a little dissapointing.. i def plan to beat BL2 with all characters in like a week

    • RoC1909

      Why? Do you get a cookie for speed rushing through it? *rolls eyes

      Take your time and enjoy the atmosphere.

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