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The recent Borderlands 3 reveal pulled the curtain back on many of the details fans have wondered about. How many guns will the game include this time around? What main characters can we play as? All of these things are important to fans who have followed the franchise since its inception. However, it seems they are even more important to one fan: Trevor Eastman.

Eastman expressed in a Reddit post that he has been a big fan of the looter-shooter franchise for quite some time. With that, he notes that he might not be around to see the final release of Borderlands 3. In the official subreddit for the Borderlands franchise, Eastman writes that last June, “I was diagnosed with stage 4 esophageal, stomach and liver cancer.” At the time of his diagnosis, he was given one year to live, so he’s not sure if he’ll make it to the release of Borderlands 3.

2K the rescue

Thanks to the help of the internet (Reddit, of course, played a big part in this), it looks like Eastman could get his wish to play Borderlands 3. A post made by him offered an update on his campaign to play the game. After the upvotes and shares, it looks as though the post did reach someone in the 2K offices, the publisher behind the Gearbox-developed titles. He writes, “One of the people from 2k has been talking to me(not sure if I’m allowed to say who so I won’t mention a name) and he’s making it happen.”

Update on dying 27 year old. from r/Borderlands

Fu$k cancer

Trevor Eastman isn’t the only one in recent news with high hopes of playing his favorite game before his time on this earth is over. Just as Eastman hopes to play Borderlands 3, we reported a few days ago on a Leukemia patient who expressed his wish to play Three Kingdoms if possible. Creative Assembly went to work and made this happen for the hardcore fan.

On a side note, cancer has affected many of my friends and family. My own father is a Leukemia survivor, and I’ve lost too many friends to such cancers as testicular and brain cancer, both of which weren’t even over the age of 30. So, I find it rather promising that 2K is making the efforts to do something like this, especially for a fan who has loved the series enough to reach out to the community for assistance.

Here’s to hoping that Trevor’s wish gets fulfilled in time.

Borderlands 3 will release on the PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 on September 13, 2019. Read some of our thoughts on the game from our hands-on preview.

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