Borderlands 3 hotfix adds buffs and changes, out this afternoon

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Another hotfix for Borderlands 3 is scheduled to land later today. Last week, Gearbox released a patch that fixed some of the more egregious problems with the game. Namely, it removed a glitch that caused items to disappear from banks. The glitch was rare, but some people bemoaned the bug after losing precious hours and a load of loot. It also buffed vault hunters and nerfed some bosses. In other words, it was a damn fine patch. Today’s hotfix, which will be applied at 2 PM PST, follows in its predecessor’s footsteps. Buffs, fixes, and quality-of-life changes are coming across the board.

Every hunter is getting a buff later today. Last week, the patch focused mainly on my main ‘bot Fl4k. He gets more buffs today, but so do his compatriots. Moze’s Bloodletter class mod has been improved dramatically. Gearbox increased the Recharge Delay by 150%, while reducing the Recharge Rate by 50%. The goal, according to the forum post, is to prevent “overwhelming synergies,” encouraging the mod’s use. Fl4k sees a re-trigger delay to his Leave No Trace skill set to 0.3 seconds, and Zane’s Death Follows Close skill has been fixed. Lastly, Amara has received fixes to two skills: Alacrity and Phasegrasp.

Borderlands 3 hotfix buffs changes afternoon

Amara will see two of her abilities buffed later today.

Have hotfix, will travel

The hotfix also adds some weapon hotfixes to Borderlands 3. This list is fairly long, so I’ll note the highlights. All the sniper scopes will have their zoom levels dropped, along with scope adjustments to weapons manufactured by Jakobs, Children of the Vault (COV), and DAHL. The damage for the Gunerang, which I always thought was a bit crap, will be increased by 20%, while Creeping Death will see a massive damage buff by 200%. Some anointed parts have also been buffed:

  • When Zane swaps positions with his Digi-Clone, the damage gained is increased to 130% (up from 75%)
  • When FL4K hits a target with Rakks, the target now takes 100% increased damage (up from 50%)
  • The Anointed part “Increased damage vs Badasses” no longer heals the player and now correctly adds bonus damage to Badass enemies

Finally, the hotfix also addresses some bugs, while adding quality-of-life improvements to Borderlands 3. The Pain and Terror boss fight will now drop more higher quality loot, which should make plenty of people happy. Additionally, the patch fixes an issue where some players would fall through floors during a boss fight.

Listed above are what I believe to be the standout points in today’s Borderlands 3 hotfix patch notes. However, you can check the notes out in their entirety by heading to the announcement post at the Greabox forums.

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