Borderlands 3 launch trailer invites you to the apocalypse party

Borderlands 3 Launch Trailer Party

It’s the apocalypse party on Pandora, and everyone is invited. The launch trailer for Borderlands 3 went live earlier today, despite the game not landing until Friday. Regardless, the celebration has begun, and everyone from the franchise has shown up in their Sunday best.

If you have been following Borderlands 3 (we know you have), the launch trailer won’t show you anything new or exciting. But this is par for the course with most launch trailers. Instead, the video puts its best, but not always brightest, antiheroes and villains to the fore. The trailer reintroduces the lead maniacs of Borderlands 3: Amara the Siren, Zane the Operative, Flak the Beastmaster, and Moze the Soldier. Along with them are the true bad guys of the new game, Troy and Tyreen Calypso, the Calypso Twins.

However, the new motley crew aren’t alone. Along with the new faces return some familiar ones. All the original vault hunters of Borderlands‘ past show up for their own little cameo. Tiny Tina, who ain’t so tiny anymore, along with Claptrap, Lilith, Mad Moxxi, and my favorites, Brick and Zer0, are all seen and clearly ready for another brawl. Hell, even Ellie gets her spotlight.

Coming down the line

Of course, the launch trailer represents what’s to be expected when Borderlands 3 launches this Friday. But there is more down the road than just what the video reveals. During PAX, Gearbox revealed a lot of the content heading to the game post launch. And you won’t have to wait next year for said content.

During the fall and winter, expect a couple events to take place on the barren world of Pandora. The Bloody Harvest event is a Halloween celebration, coming with in free with “spooky activities” and awards. Maliwan Takedown is another free content update, and comes with a new map, more enemies, a new boss, and, of course, more awards.

Bl3 Roadmap

Everything that’s coming up later this year for Borderlands 3.

Borderlands 3 launches in four days, but you’ll be able to prep soon now that you can pre-load the game. Starting on Sept. 12, you’ll be able to pre-load your copy of Borderlands 3 on the Epic Game Store launcher. We have all the time listed right here.

Borderlands 3 launches for PC exclusively on the Epic Games Store on Sept. 13. Happy hunting.

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