i am bread

Yet another game where you play a knife-wielding slice of bread.

Bossa Studios’ next game involves slicing, but it’s not exactly a sequel to Surgeon Simulator. In what must surely be a landmark moment in the history of videogames as a visual, artistic and entertainment medium, I Am Bread casts you as … a slice of bread.

Judging by the “first look” trailer (below,) it’ll employ a similarly elaborate physics system and control method to games like QWOP, Octodad and, indeed, Surgeon Simulator. Using your amazing powers of sentient bread movement, you’ll be able to do things like play Jenga, cook yourself on a stove, roll down some stairs on a skateboard and hang out on a ceiling fan. All the standard bread slice activities, you know.

I Am Bread has “Edibility” and “Deliciousness” gauges which I’d imagine alter according to the types of bread-based activities you indulge in. If you rub yourself all over the floor, I guess Edibility goes down. Manage to cosy up to a slab of butter? That Deliciousness rating will surely soar. I’m speculating here, but that’s what I’ve put together from what’s shown in the trailer.

Witness the game that will surely become the toast of the industry, just beneath these words.

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