Both Micro-Transactions And Map Packs Will Be Part Of Battlefield 1

Battlefield 1’s official trailer is still gathering a lot of positive comments from the gaming community, but EA confirmed that two of the most hated features will be part of Battlefield 1, which should not surprise anyone though.

This information was revealed by EA’s CEO Andrew Wilson during a investor call last week. :

As relates to Battlefield 1 and extra monetization opportunity,” CEO Andrew Wilson says, “taking a step back, any time we think about extra monetization inside an experience, we really think about it on two vectors: One, are we able to provide value to the gamer, in terms of extending and enhancing their experience? And two, are we able to do that in a world where we give them choice? We never want to be in a place where there’s a belief that we are providing a pay to win mechanic inside of one of our games.

But aren’t these news totally normal these days? Games like Battlefield 1, and especially games published by EA, are usually pushing a lot of  micro-transactions and map packs throughout their “lifetime,” so seeing these features on the mich-anticipated Battlefield 1 did definitely not come out of nowhere.

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