July 21st, 2017

Boundless enthusiasm: Bound by Flame gets hyperbolic story trailer

Boundless enthusiasm: Bound by Flame gets hyperbolic story trailer
bound by flame (1)

Bound by Flame, the latest RPG from Spiders Studio and Focus Home Interactive, doesn’t look half bad. It gives you control of some chap with a fire demon inside him. Said demon is more than happy to swap out bits of your soul in exchange for LIMITLESS POWER, and if done well, that sort of gradual-corruption-versus-difficulty mechanic could actually make for a rather unique and interesting game.

That said: if you release a trailer and call it “EPIC STORY TRAILER”, I’m going to mock you. Guess what they’ve just done? Stop using that word.

This particular trailer gives a bit of A Game of Thrones-ish backstory, talking about how the Ice Lords and their “dead walkers” swept through the land and slaughtered the armies that resisted them. Honestly, if you’re up against frozen undead beasties, I’m going to say that a fire demon might actually be a useful help. It also shows off plenty of twirling, sword-spinning, The Witcher-esque action, if that’s more your sort of thing.

Once you’ve finished sighing and shaking your head at yet another use of the word “epic”, have a look at said new Bound by Flame trailer below. It’s really rather okay.

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