Bracken Tor Set For Early 2011 Release

There aren’t many games set in Cornwall, and there are even fewer that look like stills from Channel 4 docu-archaeology programme Time Team.
Bracken Tor: A Time Of Tooth And Claw is a forthcoming PC adventure title from Shadow Tor Studios and appears to tick both of the above boxes. Aiming to mix moorland beasties with ancient Bronze Age rituals and a dash of survival horror, Bracken Tor is the followup (though not, it seems, a direct sequel) to Shadow Tor’s Barrow Hill.
Originally due at the end of this year, Bracken Tor will now be released in the first quarter of 2011. “Extra polish and additional features” are promised as a result of the delay, as well as allowing European publisher Iceberg Interactive to fashion a single pan-European release date.
Look below for some screenshots (Tony Robinson not featured.)

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