Brady Games Reveals StarCraft 2 Strategy Guides

Videogame guide publisher Brady Games has revealed details of their Startegy Guides for StarCraft 2. The guide comes in two versions, the Signature Series priced at £16.99 and the Limited Edition version priced at £19.99. Both guides will be released on 27 July in time for the game’s launch.
Signature Series strategy guide features:

100% complete game walkthrough for all single-player missions
Exclusive maps showing the location of units, enemy bases & key terrain points
MP beginner guide offering early build suggestions for all 3 races, including beginner strategies
Massive multi-player coverage for beginners and experienced players
Dedicated guide explaining how to find and manage friends, chat with other players and use the matchmaking system to find multiplayer matches at an appropriate level

Limited Edition strategy guides features:

Limited Edition finish is restricted to a single printing
Hardcover guide printed with a special foil finish
 Portable map stand which is spiral bound and exists separately to the book
All the features and contents of the Signature Series guide