Fray is clearly drawing a fair bit of inspiration from the classic X-Com (or UFO: Enemy Unknown), as well as the more recent Frozen Synapse. In it, you’ll take control of a four-man squad of soldiers, fighting inside a virtual reality arena on behalf of one of the three major corporations controlling earth.
That part is plot fluff, but the guts of the game seem to be based around a similar premise to Frozen Synapse. Actions for your team are planned out in a turn-based fashion, but simultaneously with the other side. These actions are then played out in real time, meaning it’ll be crucial to try and predict enemy movements while deciding upon your own (and will probably lead to hilarious situations where you wander in front of a rocket launcher).
Fray is currently available to pre-order ($20 USD), and doing so will get you the alpha version of the game right now; as well as a freebie copy for a friend.
Some screenshots follow, below.

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