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Bravely Default II confirmed heading to Steam next week

Heading for new pastures.
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For the first time, Square Enix’s RPG series Bravely Default will be available on a non-Nintendo console. Bravely Default II is coming to Steam next week, courtesy of a new trailer that just dropped today. The trailer is longer than normal, and gives a brief overview of the events of the story. For anyone who has played a JRPG before, it should all ring pretty familiar.

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Stop me if you’ve heard this one before. Four heroes of light band together to defeat an ancient evil and save their world. It all pretty standard fare, but the first game in the series also had a basic setup before making some hard swerves into new territory. I wouldn’t be surprised if the trend continues with this new game. It also wouldn’t be a Square Enix game if the naming convention wasn’t needlessly confusing. Bravely Default II is actually the third game in the series.


The original Bravely Default appeared on the Nintendo 3DS way back in 2014. A direct sequel, titled Bravely Second: End Layer, released in 2016 — also on the 3DS. If you are a newcomer to the series, you don’t need to worry too much about those games. Bravely Default II is set in a different world, called Excillant. All the characters are new as well, and the world merely shares similarities with Luxendarc from the previous games, in a way very similar to Final Fantasy.

Keeping tradition alive

Final Fantasy is an important thing to bring up when talking about this series. Bravely Default games have functioned as a pseudo-replacement for the traditional Final Fantasy games of old. Thankfully, they operate well under that banner, and are treats for fans of classic-style JRPGs. Bravely Default II will release on Steam next week on September 2. You can check it out on Steam right now, where it will be 10% off until September 13.

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