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Since Napoli aren’t based in Brazil, they’ll be in FIFA 15.

There’s a short note from EA Sports on the official FIFA 15 site regarding the loss of Brazilian club sides. Apparently, this is due to “changes in the ways players are licensed in Brazil domestic leagues.” No agreement could be reached, so out they go from the game.

But although this means you won’t be controlling Palmeiras in FIFA 15, the same announcement states that the Brazilian national team will be present and correct. So if you fancy getting revenge on Germany, that’s a thing you’ll be able to do. Players from Brazil who play in other domestic leagues will be there too, so Neymar will be in the Barcelona squad and so on.

There’s a more positive note at the end of the announcement, reading “We have some amazing news coming about leagues and licenses as we approach GamescomĀ on August 13, so stay tuned for much more.”

That suggests the Brazilian domestic league will be replaced by one or two others. A recent FIFA 15 survey of players found that the top three most popular leagues for inclusion were the Egyptian, Turkish and Iranian domestic contests, so perhaps we’ll see one of those being added.

Meanwhile, EA Sports say they’re keeping “lines of communication open” with the Brazilian rights holders, presumably with an eye to bringing them back in FIFA 16.

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