I Am Bread Patch Details Released, Devs Start New Bread Diary

Bossa Studios have released their latest patch for Early Access game I Am Bread. Along with the patch details, they have also launched a new dev diary series, aptly titled Bread Diary.

These are what they’ve fixed in the patch:

  • Camera sensitivity slider added
  • More sound effects on objects
  • Music is no longer positional
  • Mouse pointer is now only displayed in menus when using controller
  • Lights now toast the bread
  • Rocket now toasts the bread
  • Oven now toasts the bread
  • Glasses and bottles are now breakable
  • The ants are faster (more obviously hazardous)
  • Keyboard is now configurable
  • Controller improved for UI
  • Improved toasting feedback
  • Grading rebalanced to be fairer
  • Jam less sticky, to avoid getting completely stuck
  • Jpg and GIF sharing now working
  • UI improvements
  • Improved lighting for high visual quality settings
  • Various bugs fixed
  • Adjusted the grip meter

You can get more details, and order the game for yourself, in their Steam page. Check out the first video below:

[video_embed] [/video_embed]

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