Bring out the dead – Banished cemeteries explained


The second developer update of the week from Banished developer Luke Hodorowicz has been posted and it’s time to bring out the dead.

The level of detail that’s being added to Banished is pretty amazing and today Luke talks about how cemeteries will work in the city builder.

When someone dies in games like this, you don’t see how it can effect your population but in Banished it will play a part in the happiness of citizens.

When a cemetery is built and someone dies they are taken to be buried, assuming there are enough grave plots. If there are not enough plots available, the grieving will become unhappy and after a period of time their happiness will return to normal. If there is space they will stay happy knowing their loved ones have been laid to rest.

As the time frame of the game continues, graves and their gravestones will also decay freeing up more space for new burials.

With attention to detail such as this you know this could be one fantastic experience for fans of city builders.

For more on Banished, check the official site.

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